Recap: HALO X ONTO Wallet AMA Session

Segment 1: Introduction

Question #1: Could you introduce yourself and your project? What is ONTO Wallet and what’s its mission?

Question #2: What are ONTO’s unique selling points? Could you talk a little bit about ONTO’s architecture and innovation?

Question #3: Is ONTO Wallet secure?

Question #4: Tell us about what’s next for ONTO Wallet?

Question #5: ONTO’s slogan is “A DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience”, could you explain?

Segment 2: Questions from Twitter

Question #1: Since your project is a well aged one with a lot of experience, can you tell us what is your best advantage?

Question #2: Can you tell the advantages I should move $HO tokens from HASHPAY to ONTO. This is my first time using ONTO wallet.

  • Users can access the decentralized exchange HOSwap in ONTO and exchange HO for other tokens on HALO
  • Users can use HALO Bridge to bridge HO between the BNB Chain and HALO in ONTO
  • Users can exchange HO to other tokens on the BNB Chain via the PancakeSwap dApp in ONTO

Question #3: What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to Onto Wallet and keep them long term?

Question #4: To use ONTO Wallet, do we need to have prior experience? For new users with no experience like me, do you have any written docs or tutorial videos that will guide us through the use of your wallet?

Question #5: User experience is a very important issue in most projects. Does your project focus on this? What has you done to bring the best user experience, especially to new users?

  • Token/NFT address scan feature. When users import from other wallets to ONTO, or send some tokens to their ONTO address, ONTO will automatically detect all the tokens held in the address on the Asset page, so that users can save the hassle of adding these tokens manually.
  • ONTO has all use cases covered with its password-free payment feature, ensuring that users can unlock ONTO directly with their fingerprints and FaceID.
  • Since transactions in the crypto world can be hard to navigate, ONTO has filtered and categorized transactions so that users can find out at a glance which transactions are transfers, which are contract transactions done in the dApp, which are successful ones and which are failed ones, so you can have a clear picture of your transactions.
  • ONTO has already integrated all the tokens and prices of CoinMarketCap, as long as the tokens are available on CMC, you can find them in ONTO easily without adding them manually.
  • ONTO also works hard to improve wallet security by adding the function of app lock and hiding wallet balance. When your phone screen is locked, you need to enter the password to open ONTO again, so that other people cannot see your balance and status even when you lose your phone.

Segment 3: Live Quiz on Telegram

  • Question #1: How many blockchains are currently available in ONTO?
    Answer: 25
    Winner: Telegram user @jayjay202000
  • Question #2: What is the name of decentralized identity protocol in ONTO?
    Answer: ONT ID
    Winner: Telegram user @Mccoyevans
  • Question #3: Name 1 unique ONTO feature added in Q2
    Answer: Token & NFT auto-detection feature
    Winner: Telegram user @Kreeptotrixter
  • Question #4: What’s ONTO’s slogan?
    Answer: A DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience
    Winner: Telegram user @UniverseIncoming
  • Question #5: ONTO’s Swap and Bridge are powered by which projects?
    Answer: OpenOcean and Poly Network
    Winner: Telegram user @Kreeptotrixter



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